• Duration: 3 days
  • Location: Groningen
  • Available Seat: Contact us !
  • Price: € 169,-
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Groningen will again be filled with flowers and plants when the Good Friday Flower Market comes to town. This market is held every year on the Friday before Easter and is the biggest flower and plant market in the north of the Netherlands. During the Flower Market, there will be over a hundred stalls all over the city centre. More or less anything which grows and blossoms will be there: fresh cut flowers, big and small house plants, bulbs, seeds, garden and pot plants, as well as tools and other garden items.

In Giethoorn, a typically Dutch village in Overijssel, you can perfectly see how the Dutch love to live with and on the water. In an environment full of lakes, reed beds and forests lies this picturesque village with its many handsome farms with thatched roofs and characteristic wooden bridges. Giethoorn was established as a settlement of peat harvesters. Peat cutting created ponds and lakes, and people built houses on the islands between them. As a result, access was only possible by bridge or using traditional Giethoorn boats, so-called punters – narrow boats pushed along using a long pole by a punteraar. Fortunately, little has changed in Giethoorn. The tall wooden bridges are still there, and you can still travel the waters on a punter, as well as on an electric boat or a tour boat. A 1 or 2-hour boat tour takes you past the gorgeous 18th and 19th-century farmhouses and under the bridges.

• 1 x Übernachtung Groningen
• 1x Übernachtung Zwolle
• 2x Frühstück
• Eintritt Groninger Museum
• Eintritt Borg Verhildersum + Gärten
• Besuch Festung Bourtange
• Pfannkuchen-Mittagessen
• Eintritt Orchideeën Hoeve
• Rundfahrt Giethoorn

Price from: € 169,00
Single supplement € 35,00
HB € 24,00

• Mittagessen € 22,50
• Stadtwanderung Groningen € 240,00 pro Reiseleiter
• Grachtenrundfahrt Groningen € 12,50
• Stadtwanderung Zwolle € 240,00 pro Reiseleiter

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