As an incoming tour operator Kamstra Travel is specialized in providing complete travel packages for groups, who would like to travel to the Benelux. Our packages consist of hotel accommodation and attractions like canal cruises, guided tours or a visit to for example a museum. We offer our products mainly to Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Coach Operators and Group Organizers in Germany, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Spain, Czech Republic and Scandinavia. Kamstra Travel represents high quality and excellent service. We are not satisfied until you are.
Inspiration and accomodation for group travel to Holland and Belgium, with care for people and planet.
The number one partner for group travel to Holland and Belgium with zero negative impact on people and planet.





We are a commercial tourism company. In cooperation with our suppliers, we make and market high-quality products for companies and tourists visiting the Netherlands. That is our raison d’être. However, we try to do this with care for people & planet.


1. We have a sustainability policy which we use as a guideline for our business operations, product development and external partner relations.
2. We have appointed an internal sustainability coordinator who monitors these measures and, together with a working group, is responsible for moving towards a situation where our companies have zero negative impact on people & planet.
3. We have taken measures in our internal business operations aimed at reducing all forms of environmental impact and energy consumption as far as possible and limiting waste streams.
4. We increasingly develop products that contain only components that are sustainable in themselves and that are provided by suppliers with a proven sustainability policy (recognised certified).
5. We map which suppliers have a sustainability policy and explicitly give preference to these partners, taking into account the nature, price and location of the product. This includes accommodations, transport companies, excursion companies, attractions and guide companies. (In some cases, such as transport companies, the price differences of alternative transport (electric or hydrogen) with regular transport are still such that switching is not economically feasible).
6. We inform and advise both suppliers and customers about our sustainability policy through website, email, socials and meetings and try to motivate and encourage where possible.

For more information, please see our sustainability policy