Katalog 2022

Hallo Freunde und Partner,   Die digitale Broschüre für 2022 ist ab sofort verfügbar. Einschließlich Programme rund um die Floriade Expo in Almere! Lassen Sie…

Webinar Best of Hollan

  • | Mrt 03 2021

Letzte Woche war Lodewijk Co-Moderator eines sehr interessanten Webinars über eine Reihe von Stichhaltern im niederländischen Tourismus. Er präsentierte dies erfolgreich zusammen mit Annika Hijlkema…

Progress Floriade Expo

  • | Sep 18 2020

Yesterday our colleagues Heidi, Lindsey and Monica were on the road for you to see the progress around Floriade Expo 2022 and to explore the…

Officially preferred s

  • | Sep 01 2020

Last week we became officially preferred supplier of the Floriade Expo 2022. We look forward to serving both the Floriade and our customers as successfully…

Floriade Expo 2022

  • | Aug 11 2020

Dear partner, We are proud to announce that we will become a preferred supplier of the Floriade Expo 2022. This special World Horticultural Expo only takes place…

Special package 2020!

  • | Jun 24 2020

Travel year 2020 over yet? We don’t think so! And here is why (amongst other things). Two very special groupleisure packages that you can only…


Keukenhof 2020

Yesterday was the last day of Keukenhof 2020! Watch their last video here.

Keukenhof 2020 Update

  • | Apr 02 2020

The Dutch government has meanwhile decided that no gatherings are allowed until the 1st of June. This means that Keukenhof will definitively not open this…

A positive message for

  • | Mrt 26 2020

Dear friends, In this unique situation the whole world is on hold. Everyone’s suff ering from what’s going on. The usual way in which people…

Keukenhof virtually op

  • | Mrt 26 2020

Enjoy the blossoming tulips of Keukenhof together with us! Visit Keukenhof has virtually opened its gates:

Keukenhof postpones op

  • | Mrt 16 2020

Due to the corona virus and related government measures, Keukenhof had to decide to postpone the opening of the parc at least until April 6.…